Protecting our Oceans

Building healthier oceans and combating climate change.

It’s so important for our future.

As the world’s only island continent, Australia has always understood that how we manage our oceans and coastal environments will determine the success of our world’s efforts to address climate change.

That is why we have been leading the world in taking action in this important area.

Our oceans economy not only supports 4000,000 jobs but plays a key role in reducing emissions.

We are targeting ‘blue carbon’ ecosystems that involve seagrass and mangroves playing a key role in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere.

Our investment will boost the seagrass and mangroves that will help cut emissions and it’ll mean cleaner beaches.

The package will also support Australian Marine Parks, expand the Indigenous Protected Areas into Sea Country and protect marine life.

Caring for our country is so important, for Australians today and for future generations.
julian Nemo